Flat & Apartment

The beauty of interior design lies in the fact that everyone’s tastes and preferences are unique. No two designs that we create will ever be the same. The options to customise your design are limitless. If you’re the kind of person who finds solace in curves, ornamental motifs, and complex lines and patterns, then a contemporary interior design should work for you. However, if a simple, uncluttered, and clean look pleases your eye, a modern interior design should be your choice.

Whatever your preference is, we’ll make sure that your home looks exactly like you’d imagine it to be.

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Living Room

The Living Room is the Heart of the house. Everyone will notice your living room first and you know that the first impression is the last impression. So let us help you design and construct an elegant yet cozy living room for you. Where you can enjoy your family movie nights and host your friends and relatives and have them droll over your beautiful living room.

Bed Room

Bedrooms is a personal space and we at Decospaa Interiors know that each individual wants a personal touch to their room. We can help you get that personal feeling while maintaining the theme of your house.


Let us help you have a spacious and organized kitchen.


Make the best use of the available space to build a spacious bathroom.

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